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Apex Designs offer a Local, Low Cost,

High Quality, Plan Drawing Service

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If you are considering an Extension, Loft Conversion or New House Build then trust Apex Designs to give you the most professional plans at the most affordable price!

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Why People Use My Services

Local Authority Planning requirements are a complicated process with many pitfalls for the unwary. Although the government recently claimed to have simplified the process, the reality is that where a one page paper form with four carbon copies and simple plans was previously sufficient for submitting an application, I now have to submit higher specification and detailed plans, a Design and Access statement and an up to 27 page on-line form which asks for technical information on such issues as external materials and arboricultural survey requirements.

When all of this is added to the high degree of technical knowledge required to apply for Building Regulations Approval it would be easy for the layman to find the going very tough indeed. So whilst there is nothing to stop individuals making there own submissions it is not recommended, as a poorly presented application can be rejected by your Local Authority which would be a severe waste of time, effort and money.

Using the services of Apex Deigns ensures the optimum chance of acquiring Planning Permission for your project and together we will come up with some great ideas for your property.

What I Do and How I Do It

My services include:

  • Free consultation, site appraisal and survey
  • Design of your project
  • Planning Permission Submission
  • Production of Design and Access Statement
  • Building Regulations Approval Submission
  • Planning Appeals
  • Project Management
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Water Authority "building close to sewer" Permission

A Typical Project Process with Apex Designs

  • Free consultation at your property to establish your requirements and ideas and to appraise the feasibility of the project
  • Survey site and capture photographs
  • Prepare first draft of plans
  • Second meeting to discuss the draft and any amendments
  • Produce fully detailed scale drawings of existing and proposed elevations, existing and proposed floor plans, technical details on sectional drawings, site and location plans and construction notes
  • Planning Permission and Building Regulations Submissions

At this stage you are ready to start approaching builders and contractors and because they are all working from the same plans, which are in effect your instructions to them, you can expect really competitive quotes, all of which puts you in charge of proceedings from the very outset.

Please call me on 07795 511 582

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