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Questions & Answers

Questions Regularly Asked by Apex Design's Clients

Q) Do I really need Planning Permission for my ideas?

A) Not all building projects require Planning Permission but it is true that the vast majority do. Apex Designs will be able to advise you in this matter.

Q) Do I need Building Regulations Approval?

A) Again not all building projects require Building Regulations Approval but most do and many developments that do not require Planning Permission will need Building Regulations Approval.

Q) Do I have to have plans drawn?

A) Yes you have to submit detailed scale plans for both Planning Permission and Building Regulations Full Plans Approval purposes. Building Regulations Approval can be obtained without plans by submitting a Building Notice, but this method can cause problems between you and your builder because without plans to work to your builders perception of the work to be carried out can easily differ from yours. The Building Notice method was designed for very small projects like the removal of a single internal load bearing wall for instance and its use is not usually encouraged by the Building Inspectors.

Q) Why is the process so complicated?

A) Local Authorities have vast sets of criteria to consider when reviewing Planning Applications. These criteria include: Impact on the existing building, Impact on the local area, Opinions of neighbours, Design and access of the proposal, Impact on local flora and fauna, Conservation areas and listed buildings.

Q) Should I allow a builder to design my project?

A) Many builders and design and build companies come to Apex Designs for their plans anyway, but if you know and trust the builder then you may consider becoming tied to him at an early stage, however most builders want to tie in customers as early as possible as this eliminates their competitors and denies you the chance of inviting other builders to supply competitive quotes on your plans.

Q) Can Planning Permission be guaranteed?

A) Unfortunately no firm can guarantee that Planning permission will be granted. However the experienced and professional approach adopted by Apex Designs ensures that your submission will have the optimum chance of success.

Q) Do I have to take all services offered by Apex Designs?

A) No we can tailor the services to suit your requirements and our quotation will reflect this.

Q) How do I find a reliable builder?

A) We offer a full Project Management service, however if you prefer not to use this service we are always quite happy to give advice on the best ways of putting the work out to tender and what to look for in a good builder, the final selection of your contractor will of course be your responsibility.

Q) What is a Design and Access Statement?

A) A Design and Access Statement is a document specifically written for the Planning Proposal which explains the design thinking behind the application, it makes clear what is trying to be achieved and how, it explains the design principles, concepts, intended appearance and how it will fit in with the existing, it sets out the size of the development and explains the intended use, it also makes clear how the design has taken into account the needs of those who will use the building including disabled, older and younger people. However for most straightforward applications the statement is fairly short but for complicated applications a more detailed statement is required.

Q) What will it cost?

A) Fees for Apex Design's services start at around £200.00. A typical two storey side extension costs around £450.00 with full plans and submissions to both Planning and Building Control we call this service "Full Agency" and we would remain your agents dealing with queries and any necessary amendments throughout the process and until a decision has been made on your proposal.

Q) What if I would like to discuss my needs with someone?

A) We would be delighted to hear from you, please go to our contact page for details.

There are of course many other questions such as:

  • Will existing trees or hedgerows affect my proposal?
  • How big can our new rooms be?
  • Can I have en-suite facilities?
  • How will the drainage be dealt with?
  • Is my loft suitable for conversion and where will the stairs go?

We will always be happy to deal with any questions you may have over the telephone but of course a definitive answer can only be given when a surveyor from Apex Designs has made an appraisal of your property or site and then these and many other matters can be discussed during a free consultation meeting.

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